Changing Lives,

One Drop at a Time.

Hi! We're Byron & Renee Twilley, life partners and lovers of everything holistic health. Our journey began in April 2013 when we were introduced to peppermint essential oil to help with Renee's digestive concerns. It was the catalyst to a whole new way of living and being. And since then, we haven't stopped learning about health and helping others. We've not only impacted the lives of thousands of others, but we've also created the life of our dreams. Healing ourselves, creating time and financial freedom.



Who is Pure Oils Australia?

Pure Oils Australia is a Community of Essential Oil and Natural Health enthusiasts who are located mostly around Australia and New Zealand. The community, led by Byron and Renee Twilley, is dedicated to providing the best and most up to date knowledge about doTERRA essential oils and how they can be used to optimise health & wellbeing.

First introduced to doTERRA essential oils in 2013, after years spent following conventional medicine protocols for Renee’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome and experiencing minimal results, Renee turned to the natural holistic approach. Using doTERRA’s Peppermint essential oil to manage her symptoms proved to be the catalyst to a much desired return to a better-than-normal life and optimal health for both Byron & Renee. Building on from this experience they chose to follow a proactive approach to manage and treat their health concerns using doTERRA’s essential oils, along with doTERRA’s wellness products. Expanding their journey to reduce their toxic load Byron and Renee replaced all chemical based products in their household with natural based products that are made with doTERRA essential oils. They are easy to make, effective and chemical free! As they continued to experience an array of amazing benefits from the quality and effectiveness of doTERRA’s products Byron and Renee decided to become doTERRA Wellness Advocates.

Byron and Renee believe that getting back to nature and what it has to offer is the key to health and happiness. “doTERRA has empowered us to maintain our health naturally and inspired us to share the benefits with everyone.” Now they run their doTERRA essential oils business full time. Renee, having come from a primary school teaching background, is now a qualified Integrative Nutritionist and provides health coaching to complement the doTERRA products. Byron was able to leave his I.T. career, to pursue his passion of helping people through the Essential Oils, Personal Training and Yoga. They also share a love of cooking, organic gardening, being out in nature, spending time at the beach with their dogs and their two young children, Indi & Dylan.

They are both very dedicated to making a happy and healthy life for themselves and the world around them. Byron and Renee practice a healthy balanced lifestyle through a best effort wholefoods vegetarian natural diet, exercise, a positive low stress outlook and doTERRA’s amazing products. Believing that doTERRA’s wellness products and essential oils assist them in maintaining health and being their best in the busy life they lead, they love to share the natural benefits that doTERRA products have to offer.

"Changing Lives, One Drop at a Time"

We are inspired to educate and empower others by harnessing
the power of Essential Oils. Allowing the oils to be a catalyst for a happy, healthy and abundant life.